Fincare Small Finance Bank Limited

About Company -

The journey of Fincare Small Finance Bank was the process of coming together of 2 NBFC Micro Finance Institutions, Future Financial Servicess and Disha Microfin. Disha Microfin received the final license from the RBI under section 22 of the Banking regulation Act, 1949 to launch Banking operations in May 2017. The Bank commenced banking operations on 21st July 2017, with a vision to enable the financial inclusion of the unbanked and underbanked base of the pyramid, mass retail and micro and small enterprise segments with the active participation of the affluent. In the first quarter of FY20, Fincare Small Finance Bank was included in the Second Schedule of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. By virtue of this, our Bank is now a Scheduled Commercial Bank, a status that reflects the highest degree of trust and good governance.

Fincare Small Finance Bank has a suite of smart banking products such as Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Fixed Deposits, NRI Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Micro Loans, Cash Overdraft, Loans against Gold, Loan against property, Institutional Finance and Two-wheeler Loan. Since inception, the digital paradigm has always been the force multiplier that would enable us to emerge as a best-in-class player in the banking landscape in India. We recognize digital as the currency that is going to radically change India’s future and in particular banking. With a 3D approach viz. Digital, Doorstep and Delightful rates, we are confident of becoming a force to reckon and a ‘Smart Bank of choice’ in India.