Agent Business Correspondent (ABCs) as retailers of financial services provide the crucial last mile link between product providers (banks, insurance, pension etc.) and customers. And the Corporate BCs (CBCs) like you manage a huge and growing network of over 20 Lakhs + Agent Business Correspondents (ABCs) to serve hundreds of millions financially excluded. However, despite playing a crucial role in the National Financial Inclusion Mission, the sector is still to deliver on its full potential and is challenged with a variety of issues.


To address the structural & economic challenges, since August’14BCFI as BC sector’s apex national body is discharging a crucial role in the national endeavour by not only consolidating the sector participants and becoming a well-recognized platform for raising, debating, resolving issues that affect the sector’s growth and viability. But also providing a powerful voice. Federation is ab initio contributing to policy, regulations & their formulation.