Membership Benefits: Transaction BCs, Asset BCs & Branch link BCs-

Get Your Voice Heard:

BCFI is a respected body in the regulatory and financial services circles. There are occasions when you have certain innovative ideas, grievances, or complaints; however, you are not sure about taking it up with stakeholders. BCFI provides you a platform to share your ideas and have in-depth discussions with other BCFI members. BCFI becomes your voice and represents your case in relevant forums.

Access to Knowledge Material:

BCFI publishes industry data and reports periodically. Many of these publications are for members only. Get industry insights for better decision making and grow your business.

Your staff and agents get access to all the proprietary training material and other publications. Additionally, BCFI organizes offline training and other knowledge events for field staff, middle and senior management from time to time. We search for the best training courses, negotiate the best deals, and conduct training and workshops specially customized for our members’ needs.

Standardization of Business Process:

BCFI has developed various manuals and benchmarked business processes for its members. When you become a member, you have ready access to these manuals and industry standards. You can revisit and review your processes and systems to align with the best practices in the industry. Such changes have led to marked improvement in customer experience and staff satisfaction for our members.

Customer Trust:

Customers chose their financial service providers very carefully. It takes time to build trust. With BCFI’s logo, your agents and customers become a part of the larger BCFI family, and the trust that they carry. Customers can be confident of standardized services and a robust grievance redress mechanism. Agents and staff can be confident of a caring and nurturing ecosystem.

Networking Opportunities:

BCFI organizes various regional and national events such as seminars, workshops, dialogues, and award ceremonies on an ongoing basis. These events provide very good opportunity for networking and interaction with multiple stakeholders. New partnerships are forged, new ideas take shape, and participants take many learning with them. BCFI membership provides a ready platform to launch your organization to the next level.