Buldana Urban Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

About Company -

Buldana Urban Management Services Private Limited (‘BUMSPL’) is a Private Limited company registered on June 27, 2017 under the Companies Act, 2013. BUMSPL is a group entity of Buldana Urban Cooperative Credit Society (BUCCS).

BUMSPL is currently working across district of Maharashtra, with a focus on regions underserved. BUMSPL is an intermediary for promoting financial inclusion in the country. The company’s aim is to facilitate access to finance to the unbanked clients in targeted geography. BUMSPL currently have operations in 4 districts of Maharshtra.

BUMSPL has two directors of Buldana Urban Credit cooperative Society, Mr. Radheshyamji Chandak who is the founding chairman of BUCCS and Mr. Shirish Deshpandeji, the CEO of BUCCS. Mr. Suvrat Deshpande is an Independent Director.

BUMSPL is leveraging on BC relationship. Under the relationship, BUMSPL extends credit and other services through the SHG/JLG Model of lending. The company provides financial products and services in a reliable, cost-effective and transparent manner.

Targeted borrowers & Assessment: Self Employed women’s forms there own group after which they undergoes 2days compulsory training then gets certified through GRT process.

Technology: We had automated filed process and also at the backend to manage LMS & Accounting. We had dedicated tele calling team also which uses software for customer tele calling.

Disbursement Process: 100% Cashless disbursement process is being followed by BUMSPL. Theloan amount gets credited to customers bank account directly.

Risk and Control Mechanism- We had team of Internal Audits and Independent Risk Team.

Trainings- Training and development programs for staff are regularly conducted. Following types of training is conducted Viz. Orientation Training, On-the-job Training, Refresher Training & Exposure Visit.

Beyond Microfinance: We conduct 2 days dedicated skill development training for women entrepreneurship. we also put water purification units in public places and schools. During the recent flood in Maharastra we supported the community by providing relief materials to needy people.

Contact Details:
Mr. Suvrat Deshpande
Director. (BUMSPL)
Mb. No +91 7506243435

Head Office
Buldana Urban Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
38/10B 'Yashwant' Opp.Lane No.9, Prabhat Road, Pune- 411004