Vision, Mission, Objectives


To promote responsible finance by systematizing, harmonizing and continually innovating the delivery of financial services to the poor through Business Correspondents.


To be a

  • UNIFIED VOICE: Represent the full spectrum of BCs 
  • FORCEFUL VOICE: Formulate positions / recommendations on industry indices, and formally be part of discussions and consultative process on policy, regulation and economic/business drivers
  • STRONG VOICE: Work on sustainable BC viability and growth by recommending economic and pricing matters based on empirical data / trends
  • RESPECTED VOICE: To be the single point of interface between BCs and policy makers (government), regulators, adjacent institutions, and other stakeholders
  • REGULATED VOICE: Act as Self-Regulating Organization (SRO)
  • TRUSTED VOICE: Promote innovation for delivering high quality service and trust, through BC training, certification, registry, branding as well as database of blacklisted BCs and employees


  • To improve the quality and capacities of  Agent Business Correspondents (ABCs) through high quality, comprehensive, innovative and cost efficient training, certification and registry.
  • To enable seamless transactions and data consolidation across BCs, banks, other financial service providers (insurance, pension, mutual fund etc.), and merchants through a common comprehensive and innovative technological solution.
  • To promote state of practice on responsible finance and customer awareness and protection in the BC channel.
  • To enhance the credibility and sectoral convening role as the sectoral federation in general and the individual BC Agent in particular, and to be recognized as a SRO.
  • To create and impart knowledge database regarding the on-going best practices experiences related to business models, standards, commercial practices, mechanisms, code of conduct and pricing in India and across the world to ensure viable, scalable and self-sustaining business.